Whistleblowing system of stuckeGROUP

With our whistleblowing system we offer our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners as well as third parties the opportunity to quickly and easily report violations of laws or guidelines or misconduct that affect our company, the well-being of our employees, handling of financial ressources or equipment and treatment of people. Every legitimate information, that we of course immediately follow up, contributes to the success of our company and the improvement of the working atmosphere.

The whistleblowing system serves to create a trusting environment for reporting grievances and violations, to protect those giving information and to enhance transparency and integrity.

Examples of legitimate information include:

  • theft, fraud or embezzlement
  • corruption or bribery
  • money laundering or illegal payments
  • violations of accoounting or bookkeeping regulations
  • discrimination
  • bullying or harassment
  • violation of health and safety regulations
  • violation of environmental protection regulations
  • violation of data protection regulations and IT security
  • violation of competition or antitrust laws
  • other violations that are punishable by penalties or fines

The whistleblowing system may not be used to make false accusations. Reporting knowingly false information is not permitted and will result in legal action.

Our whistleblower system provides the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected, as it can optionally be used anonymously. It is available in both German and English and you have the option of uploading audio clips, photos and attachments. Every report is treated as strictly confidential and we will of course investigate every report in order to remedy the situation.

The following reporting channels are available to you:

Whistleblower portal
Hotline +49 800-1234-205 (Mo.-Fr. 8.00 bis 18.00 Uhr)
Mail/visit Visit only by prior appointment
Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH
Amsterdamer Str. 192
50735 Köln

When using the Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH whistleblower portal, the data protection guidelines in accordance with the GDPR are adhered to (


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