SYMAP® is a flexible microprocessor-based digital protection and control device for use in low, medium, and high-voltage power systems. Because of its integrated protection functions and human-machine interface capabilities, it is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all types of switchgears. With three powerful microprocessors, SYMAP® offers complete protection and control functions for generators, motors (synchronous and asynchronous), transformers, power lines, and distributions. All protection functions can be activated simultaneously, and there are no limits in using all of them at the same time.

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SYMAP® BC series

Basic series expand to include LED indicators, event data recorder, extended board, power management, diesel-, gas engine- and turbine control, optional differential protection:

SYMAP® BC – Multifunctional Protection Relay
SYMAP® BCG – Multifunctional Protection Relay


SYMAP® Y series

Essential cost series with power management, diesel- and turbine control:

SYMAP® EC – Engine Control
SYMAP® ECG – Engine Control + Generator Protection
SYMAP® F – Feeder Protection
SYMAP® G – Generator Protection
SYMAP® M – Motor Protection
SYMAP® T – Transformer Protection
SYMAP® LD – Line Differential
SYMAP® D – Distance Protection


Extended Boards for SYMAP® CMA

An extended board can be connected to SYMAP®, providing additional input and output channels. The extended board is customized to individual client requirements and can be equipped with a maximum of the following input and output channels:

CMA 216 – Digital extension module with 24 digital Inputs 24VDC and 24 relay outputs 6A/250V

CMA 216/217 – Digital extension module CMA 216 with 6 Pt100 inputs for temperature measurement

CMA 238 – Analog extension module with 8 multi-purpose inputs for 0(4)to 20mA, 0 to 10V, Pt100 sender.