SYMAP® R (Retrofit), also known as a Plug-In Version, is a digital protection relay for use in medium and high-voltage power systems specially developed as a refit solution for existing protection units.


SYMAP® R Plug-In Version replaces the existing protection device with all functionalities. The installation is easy – just transfer the parameter settings from the existing protection device to the SYMAP® R and plug in the new SYMAP® R device. From now on, you have a reliable product onboard of your vessel which helps you to optimize the operational costs of your vessel.



SYMAP® R series

The SYMAP® R plug-in version product line is based on four versions of device variants:

SYMAP® FI – Feeder Protection
SYMAP® MI – Motor Protection
SYMAP® 87M – Motor Differential Current Protection
SYMAP® TI – Transformer / Motor Differential Current Protection