ECO ECG and ECO AMF are microprocessor controlled devices for use in low voltage single genset applications for standby power generation. The front-side waterproof stainless steel housing provides optimum protection against influences in a harsh environment. Both device types allow the start-stop control of various kinds of prime movers, and provide comprehensive protection functions in order to ensure the safe operation of single-gensets. A magnetic pick up (MPU) can be used to determine the engine speed. Using the test button, the operator can perform regular test runs in order to check the operational readiness of the entire system.

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ECO AMF is a fully functional automatic mains failure controller including check-synchronizer. It provides the automatic start function in case of a mains failure and the control of a mains breaker and generator breaker. ECO AMF automatically controls the transfer of the consumer power from mains- to generator supply and back to the utility grid.



ECO ECG can be either automatically or manually used to control the start- stop-sequence of a single genset including the automatic control of the generator contactor or breaker.

Extended board

Additional I/O modules

Optional functions can easily be added to the ECO® ECG and ECO® AMF devices. There are three different expansion modules available, of which up to two can be snapped onto the basic device simultaneously.

The following different expansion modules are currently available:
ECO® IO Digital extension module with 8 digital Inputs 24VDC and 8 relay outputs 6A/250V.
ECO® 485 Serial interface module with RS 485 interface for Modbus communication.
ECO® WEB WEB server module with Ethernet interface for remote monitoring and control.